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Primary healthcare explained

Product info • by Ryno Ellis • 24 July 2017
Primary healthcare refers to the first point of contact with health services that allows for better quality of life through swift diagnoses and treatment.

It’s been explained that primary healthcare, which includes GPs, dentists, pharmacists and optometrists, is based on caring for a patient’s basic needs rather than treating a specific disease.

Primary healthcare plays a very significant role in preventive care, allowing early detection of any physical or mental problems, which gives the patient enough time to seek further treatment.

In South Africa more than three quarters of its citizen don’t have access to medical aid. This means that millions of people are reliant on state facilities for their basic healthcare needs.

Unfortunately, state facilities are already overcrowded and understaffed, leaving many sick people vulnerable because they’re not able to get the quality medical attention they need.

How GetSavvi Health offers YOU quality primary healthcare

GetSavvi Health offers South Africans affordable health insurance and our primary goal is to give members access to quality primary healthcare who may otherwise have been left without.

What does GetSavvi Health offer?

Unlimited GP visits: Our plans offer unlimited GP visits for the whole family to allow for swift diagnoses and medication and treatment for basic illnesses.

* GetSavvi Health offers unlimited GP visits to all members. However, to avoid abuse of this benefit, members will need to get authorisation after their sixth GP visit. Authorisation is easy and can be done by contacting the Call Centre on 0861 18 92 02.

Maternity Benefits: Full maternity cover of R20 000 for a normal birth and R30 000 for a caesarean delivery (C-Section). Your maternity cover will include visits to the gynaecologist and ultrasound scans as well as the costs related to birth.

Emergency Hospital Cover: Our plans offer emergency casualty, emergency stabilisation and personal accident benefits.

Medication: Our medication benefit allows access to selected acute and chronic medication (subject to a medication formulary) prescribed by a (non-dispensing) medical professional.

Dentistry: Our basic dentistry and top-up option will give you access to great dentistry benefits at a selection of quality network dentists across the country.

Optometry: Our optometry top-up option offers you essential eye-care benefits that’ll help you save more.

FeelBetterFast benefit: This benefit is specifically catered for members who don’t have time to set up an appointment and wait to see a doctor to treat their minor ailments. It provides access to professional care at your closest network pharmacy to get you back on track quickly. 

BONUS! Cover for the whole family: One monthly premium covers the whole family.

To find out more about GetSavvi Health and our plans, simply click here, fill in the form and a consultant will contact you very soon.

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