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One of the most effective ways of enjoying good health, is by educating yourself. Knowing how your body works, what it needs and what you can do to keep it in tip-top shape could help save your life one day. Stay abreast on health topics and information with our informative and helpful articles.


Period Poverty: What is it and why you should care

Understanding PTSD Health

Understanding the Long-term Effects of Trauma and PTSD

Vaccines and side effects Health

What’s up with vaccine side effects?

Exercise keeps you happy Health

Exercise and Your Immune System

Let's talk hypertention Health

Hypertension/High Blood Pressure and You

How your sinuses affect your eyes. Health

Springtime, Sinuses and Your Eyes

What is comorbidity? Health

Let’s Talk About Comorbidity

GP or pharmacist? Health

When is best: GP vs Nurse vs Pharmacist

How to get help Health

Mental Health Awareness: Getting Help

SA's biggest health terrors Health

The 3 Biggest Killers in South Africa

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