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Benefits HIV, Trauma & Assault Counselling

HIV, Trauma & Assault Counselling

Members who’ve recently undergone a traumatic experience or learnt that they’ve been infected with HIV will benefit from professional intervention.

GetSavvi Health’s Unlimited HIV, Trauma and Assault Counselling benefit forms part of our Member Wellness Programme and assist members who are currently dealing with personal issues by:

  • • Reducing the high risk of HIV infection
  • • Managing emotional distress
  • • Eliminating effects of post-traumatic stress
  • • Offering genuine care and compassion

GetSavvi Health members, irrespective of what plan you’re signed up for, have access to counselling and/or treatment.

The benefit is split into three sections offering full support to members:

HIV Assistance Programme

Our HIV Assistance Programme is a proactive and highly effective step against HIV exposure that assists our members with minimising the risk that HIV poses.

Counselling and advice

- 24/7 365 days a year telephonic counselling and support

- Directed to where a member can receive antiretroviral therapy (ART)

- Directed to where a member can get face-to-face counselling (optional)


- HIV test 48 hours after exposure

- Starter pack of three days’ ART

- Combination ART for 28 days

- Sexually transmitted infection (STI) medication

- HIV test 90 days after exposure

Trauma Assistance Programme

The Care Centre hotline offers 24/7, 365 days a year telephonic or face-to-face trauma assistance for members who have undergone a traumatic experience.

These traumatic incidents include:

  • • HIV exposure
  • • Rape
  • • Witness to suicide
  • • Robbery
  • • Natural disasters
  • • Immediate bereavement
  • • Physical assault
  • • Attempted murder
  • • Mugging/theft
  • • Vehicle accidents

The phone lines are staffed by trained medical personnel who have extensive experience in providing necessary care and support.

Health Advisor

This benefit offers members a better understanding of all chronic illnesses and diseases such as HIV/Aids, cancer, diabetes and asthma, etc., with specific advice to help the patient and those around them better cope with their circumstances.

 The services offered by the 24-hour Health Advisor include, but are not limited to:

  • • Assisting members in managing and living with their condition to the best of their ability.
  • • Where members suffer from addiction, nurses offer advice on coping skills or are able to refer members to appropriate medical care clinics.

How to use the benefit:

1.   Contact our Call Centre on 0861 18 92 02 and follow our voice prompts; or

2.   Email us at

These benefits are available on the following plans:

No joining fees • Covers you, your spouse and children • Get covered in under 10 minutes!

Grey Nurse and Doctor Plus Hospital

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