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FAQ: GetSavvi Health Emergency Benefits

Product info • by Ryno Ellis • 19 November 2017
GetSavvi Health offers a range of benefits, giving our members peace of mind when they need it most. Understanding what these benefits and their processes entail will help prevent any unforeseen expenses and frustration.

To assist you in making the most of your membership, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about GetSavvi Health’s hospital plan benefits:

What do I do in case of a medical emergency or injury?

In case of a medical emergency, contact Netcare 911’s 24-hour emergency medical response. Emergency personnel will assess the situation, provide general medical advice and assist in sending an ambulance if needed.

Netcare 911 emergency services will ensure that a guarantee of payment (GOP) is issued to the hospital. Failure to contact Netcare 911 may result in members being turned away by the hospital.

How do I obtain Guarantee of Payment (GOP)?

GOP is the method through which the company guarantees the hospital payment for services rendered based on the diagnosis provided.

To obtain GOP, members need to contact Netcare 911’s emergency number (082 911) and request to be put through to Nursedesk who will then provide them with GOP.

What does GetSavvi Health’s emergency casualty and personal accident benefit cover?

This benefit covers the following situations defined by the terms below:

Emergency: An admission to a hospital emergency unit following an event of a sudden and, at the time, unexpected onset of a health condition that requires immediate medical or survival treatment, where failure to provide medical or surgical treatment would result in serious impairment to bodily functions or serious dysfunction of a bodily organ or would place the person’s life in serious jeopardy.

Accident: Bodily injury caused by violent accidental and external physical means.

What hospital can I go to when I join GetSavvi Health?

GetSavvi Health does not offer in-hospital cover in case of any medical conditions. This means that members need not go to a hospital.

In case of a medical emergency or injury, Netcare 911 will assess each case separately and decide on what hospital the patient will be transported to.

Our preferred hospital is Medi-Clinic but if there is no Medi-Clinic facility close by, we will make use of alternatives hospitals. Our aim is to provide members with the necessary treatment as soon as they possibly need it.

Will I be taken to a private hospital in case of a medical emergency?

Netcare 911 emergency personnel will assess the severity of the injuries and decide on the most appropriate hospital to transport the patient to.

As mentioned before, GetSavvi Health’s preferred hospital is Medi-Clinic but if there is no such facility available, members will be taken to the closest facility.

What must I do if I’m unsure whether my ailment is a medical emergency or not?

GetSavvi Health members are advised to contact Netcare 911 when they experience a medical emergency.

Netcare 911 offers 24-hour medical assistance by trained medical personnel (paramedics, nurses and doctors) who will assist in assessing the situation, provide general medical advice and send an ambulance if needed.

Learn more about our emergency benefits by downloading our free Emergency Services Benefit Explained infographic.

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