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The Perfect Couple

Product info • by Paul De Beyer • 04 February 2022

There are a few things in life that simply fit together perfectly, a bit like a hand into a glove.

One of these matches made in heaven is medical insurance and starting a new family. 

“Why” you may ask? Here are a few solid reasons to see exactly why every new family should have some form of medical insurance!

First comes love, then comes marriage

Now, we all know how expensive it is to get married. There are few things that cost more than the entire engagement, wedding and honeymoon. And few get out of it without counting pennies for months afterwards.

One of the few places you can save some money and still get cover is by choosing medical insurance. Many newly-weds can’t always afford premium healthcare, so health insurance offers the right amount of cover for peace of mind for the young and in love. 

GetSavvi Health medical insurance offers benefits like emergency hospital cover, dentistry and day-to-day benefits.

Then comes a kid in a golden carriage

Most new families are either keen for their own kids, or already come with a few from each parent. Now, grown kids aren’t cheap but neither is pregnancy!

The costs involved with pregnancy and childbirth can be eye-watering, leaving many worried about how they’ll afford both pregnancy and normal life. Luckily, GetSavvi Health medical insurance offers maternity benefits on ALL plans, so members* can rest assured that they’re covered.

In sickness and in health

Starting a new family comes with all sorts of challenges, the least of which might be medical concerns. Finding your family GP is just one of those challenges, especially if you have young children and want to build a relationship with your GP.

Medical insurance is perfect for helping cover your GP costs, and has the added bonus of complete emergency cover from the moment you sign up. Keeping you and your family as healthy as possible is always a priority, so make sure you aren’t caught out. 

Planning for every possibility

When you start a new family you inherit a lot of things from your spouse. Your families become one, and you need to shift your mindset to a larger group of people.

Part of that shift is planning for every possibility, including, unfortunately, a death in the family. It’s never easy losing a loved one, regardless of their age, but it can be increasingly more difficult to cope if the financial burden falls on a new family early on.

Planning ahead and ensuring that you have adequate funeral cover is of the utmost importance. Luckily, every GetSavvi Health member doesn’t need to get separate funeral cover policies. Instead, each member is covered with comprehensive funeral cover, ensuring that they’re treated with the same dignity in death as they were alive.

Living life to the fullest

Life has a nasty habit of throwing up surprises when you least expect it. It’s these surprises that often catch us unprepared and leave us reeling long after the event is over.

The toll trauma takes on your mental health can be both debilitating and highly destructive, emotionally and physically.

Keep your family safe and live a healthy, fulfilled life by engaging the services of a mental health expert should you ever need to. GetSavvi Health medical insurance goes one step further by offering all members access to licensed, accredited professionals via our counselling hotline. Simply call whenever you need help.


*Only the principal member and/or spouse are eligible for maternity cover.

Bundle Your Cover:
Funeral, Medical & Emergency for the whole family!

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