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Product info • by Ryno Ellis • 17 September 2019
At GetSavvi Health we’re always looking at ways to assist our members in getting better in the fastest way possible. One of these ways is by offering all our members free access to our FeelBetterFast benefit that allows members with minor ailments to seek treatment to get better faster.

What is FeelBetterFast?

GetSavvi Health offers access to pharmacy visits for a list of specified conditions. The FeelBetterFast benefit gives you, as a member, access to professional care and medication at your closest network pharmacy to get you back on track quickly. Members also have access to selected acute medication (subject to a medication formulary).

Who will benefit from Feel Better Fast?

Members who don’t have time to set up an appointment and wait to see a doctor to treat their minor ailments. This includes people who are unable to get time off from work when they need medical attention for minor illnesses. Also for when it’s more convenient or quicker to visit a pharmacy than going to a GP.

Which pharmacies form part of the FeelBetterFast network?

The FeelBetterFast benefit is available at all Pick n Pay Pharmacies across the country.

We also have a list of network facilities nationwide. Simply contact our Call Centre and a GetSavvi Health consultant will help you find one closest to you.

What does the FeelBetterFast benefit cover?

What ailments are included in this benefit?

These ailments include, but are not limited to:

How does it work?

If you’re suffering from a minor ailment covered on the list, contact our claims team on 0861 18 92 02 who will direct you to your closest network pharmacy and issue you with an electronic voucher via your cell phone. Visit the clinic at the pharmacy and present the voucher to the nurse.

Know your numbers

Regular health screenings can improve your quality of life and prevent chronic health conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and stroke. 

FeelBetterFast offers the following health assessment tests done by a nurse or pharmacist:

Once the tests mentioned above have been taken, the nurse will provide you with a health report showing your numbers and how these could be improved with practical and medically-sound advice.

FeelBetterFast screenings and vaccinations

Preventative healthcare, or prophylaxis, are measures taken for the prevention of disease.

GetSavvi Health firmly believes in the importance of preventative care by promoting healthier lifestyles. Therefore, our FeelBetterFast and Preventative Benefits do just that: to detect and prevent the onset of disease and treatment before it progresses.

Preventative FeelBetterFast benefits include:

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