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Don’t get caught! Out-of-pocket expenses explained

Product info • by Paul De Beyer • 25 November 2021

Let’s be honest, not many of us read ALL the fine print at the end of those things we sign or agree to. We tell ourselves we do, but not really. 

Sometimes not checking the fine print can leave you out of pocket, specifically when it comes to medical expenses. 

There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re getting something you paid for, only to not get it. That’s unfortunately what happens to a lot of people who have medical insurance. 

Not fully understanding what’s covered and what isn’t can often lead to out-of-pocket expenses you simply weren’t expecting. So get to know more about out-of-pocket expenses and how you can avoid them.

 What are “out-of-pocket expenses”?

An out-of-pocket expense is a medical treatment that you have to pay for yourself, and aren’t able to claim back through your medical aid or insurance. These expenses can vary, depending on whether some or none of the amount is covered.

So, how do you avoid them?

1 Know your benefits!

Out-of-pocket expenses occur when there’s a simple misunderstanding between the person insured and their insurer. This can happen when benefits aren’t clearly explained, or have changed.

Be aware that certain benefits are reviewed annually and can be changed or removed by your insurer. If you want to know more about your GetSavvi Health benefits, they’re fully detailed on our website and do vary from plan to plan. 

Simply do a quick review and you might actually spot a benefit you never knew you had!

2 Know when you can skip the doc!

Unnecessary doctors’ visits can add up over time. There are certain illnesses and conditions that you can simply skip going to the doctor for, and rather opt for visiting a pharmacy or making use of a medical advice hotline.

A pharmacist can often directly assist you with many conditions that can be treated by over-the-counter medication. The best part is that GetSavvi Health offers a FeelBetterFast pharmacy solution, where you can visit one of our network pharmacies for minor ailments and certain health tests.

All GetSavvi Health members also have unlimited access to the 24-hour Health Advisor benefit, where you can ask our accredited, licensed medical staff any health-related questions you might have.

3 Prevention is always better than cure

Most medical insurers want to help their clients remain as healthy as possible. That means that your benefits will usually have a wide variety of preventative tests and immunisations as part of your plan.

Look at your preventative benefits and take full advantage of them. A simple flu vaccination could be the difference between a good or bad winter, not to mention keeping your out-of-pocket expenses down!

If you’re considering becoming a GetSavvi Health member and want to know more about the benefits that can keep your out-of-pocket expenses as low as possible, simply call 0861 18 92 02 or click here for an obligations-free quote.


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