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5 Ways to Manage Stress and Anxiety During Lockdown

Lifestyle & Fitness • by Paul de Beyer • 11 August 2020
Most of us unknowingly struggle to manage stress and anxiety during our normal lives, but COVID-19 has added a silent weight that may feel almost too much to handle.

With the global pandemic directly influencing our lives, the stress and anxiety of the impact of the virus continue to hold sway over us.

Here are five ways to help manage your stress and anxiety during these difficult times of lockdown.

1. Maintain a daily routine

As odd as it sounds, the daily routines that you’ve lived with before COVID-19 was an important way of coping with daily stress and anxiety: waking up at a specific time, your morning rituals, the everyday school run, getting to work on time and having coffee with co-workers.

Each one played a part in helping you manage outside stresses, essentially removing the need for you to rethink and reanalyse your day. While lockdown may have removed pieces of that daily routine, one of the best ways that you can maintain your stress levels and curb your anxiety is to continue with the ones you can and start implementing new pieces to your daily puzzle that suit your “new normal”.

2. Acceptance

Stress and anxiety occur when our minds run over the same things over and over again, trying to figure out ways that can help our situation. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has left us in an almost impossible situation.

It’s OK to be afraid, frustrated and feel like you’re out of control of certain aspects of your life. Accepting the parts that you cannot control will help you concentrate on the ones that you can... and help you make the right decisions when you need to.

3. Keep healthy!

As obvious as it sounds, keeping healthy and active really helps you in dealing with your daily anxiety and stress. Not only do the natural endorphins from exercise help with maintaining your mental stability, but Vitamin D from being outside in the sun is a natural mental health boost.

Keep up or start up some form of exercise during lockdown – your mental health will thank you just as much as your physical health!

If you’re on any form of medication, ensure that you keep taking it. Despite the changes to your life and daily routine, any prescribed medication for stress and anxiety should be maintained. Chat to your doctor if you feel you need to before making any decisions.

4. Don’t go down the rabbit hole

Easier said than done, but keeping yourself from diving down a media rabbit hole can go a long way to reducing your overall stress and anxiety during these very difficult times.

Our internet-fueled world has given us so many good things, but it has also given us an almost unlimited access to information that often leaves us with more questions than answers. The deeper you dive, the more your brain tries to make sense of things you see online and on social media.

Try to limit yourself to credible news sources and avoid spending hours scrolling through multiple posts.

5. Stay connected

It may sound simple enough when you’re in lockdown with your family, but even when you’re surrounded by those you love, you still need some outside connections.

Use all the tools at your disposal and reach out to friends, family and co-workers. Simply enjoying some of the usual laughs with those you spend your life with can make your very strange world seem a little more normal.

If you’re a GetSavvi Health member and are struggling with stress and anxiety, contact 0861 18 92 02 and ask to speak to a nurse for professional counselling. We’re here if you need us!


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