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Januworry and how to avoid it

Lifestyle & Fitness • by Paul de Beyer • 16 January 2020
January is a long month for many of us... and it’s a difficult wait for January’s paycheque to arrive after the expensive December holidays.

Keeping your head above water until the end of January can take a little bit of juggling, but there are a few things you can do to set yourself up for a little less pain until payday in January. Here are the best ways to beat Januworry:

1. Know your situation

Knowledge is power, so getting to know exactly where you stand financially is the place to start to avoid Januworry. Take a few moments to sit down and evaluate your financial situation, and what you can expect come the first month of the year.

2. The bare necessities

January might feel like an extra long month, but in reality it should all work out the same as usual. Your next step to surviving Januworry is to figure out the bare necessities you need for the month. These include:

Once you know these, plus your fixed expenses, you can see how much you have left for the rest of the month.

3. Review and save!

Sadly, all the steps above have focussed on money going out, but that’s about to change. The New Year gives you the chance to get your own back on all those companies that have charged you steep fees the previous year.

Take the time to write out all your various monthly service expenses:

Once you’ve got these monthly amounts down, it’s time to review and save. Start calling the above providers or looking around for better deals. If you can get one, give your current provider a call and see if they will match you. If not, switch. Most services are not contract-based and shifting several could save you a lot in a short period of time.

4. Use your points!

The December period was most likely an expensive one. Most of us would have spent extensively in buying gifts for others, splurging more on travel and activities away from home. The upside of spending more is that you’ve probably accumulated a few loyalty or reward programme points.

Before buying necessities for the month like nappies or cleaning materials, etc., give your eBucks, UCount or Greenbacks a look.

Check your Smart Shopper, Dis-Chem and Clicks ClubCard points.
Once you know your balances, see about where you can spend them. For example, using your eBucks like real cash on Takealot, or buying a Dis-Chem voucher off the eBucks store can save you hundreds of rands immediately.

5. Think “free”

January might be a tough one financially, but there are often great after-Christmas specials to take advantage of. Outside of retail, start to think of some free, fun activities or events you can capitalise on. A couple of weeks with the kids at home, you’ll need some fun outings to keep them busy.

Check online for any free concerts or events or even grab some sun at the beach when you can.

Most of all, try to think freely during January. Mental health is something that can be easily overlooked, and being vigilant and mindful is one way to keep away the Januworry Blues. If you ever need help, don’t hesitate to contact GetSavvi Health for medical insurance that works for you. Click here to contact us today.


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