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Get Your 2021 On!

Lifestyle & Fitness • by Paul De Beyer • 23 November 2020

Most of us would probably agree: 2020 has been a year to forget! What started as such a promising year, especially after the general “averageness” of 2019, quickly nose-dived its way into the leading candidate for “Worst Year of All Time”.

2020 has been tough.

The global pandemic quickly ended almost all hopes of a good year, and drove most of our goals for the year out the window.

It’s been a bit of a dumpster fire, in all honesty.

But with all challenges comes the chance to start afresh. 2021 is something most of us are most likely looking forward to, even if it's just to move on from 2020. And, while it’s still only November, now might be the best time to start setting your goals for 2021!

Too early for a New Year’s Resolution?

Maybe not! Goals are funny things. More often than not we look at a goal as an end point – the target to aim at. Maybe it’s losing 5kg in weight, reading a book each month, or spending 20 minutes of meditation a day. Goals often seem like finite things; something to aim for and achieve. But are they?

When you think of a goal, why not think of it as a stepping stone? Each achieved goal is a step to the next one. So, when you’re thinking about setting a goal for 2021, maybe try taking a step back and thinking of the next step, the next piece of the puzzle you’ll want to insert after that.

Setting up small, consistent, achievable goals that build on one another will mean that you can start to see your goals as stepping stones instead of end points. Not only will this motivate you to keep going, because there’s always something new to go after, but it will also help you stop yourself from falling into the classic cliché of never completing a New Year’s Resolution.

It’s all in the Name!

A New Year’s Resolution is a pretty fancy name for a goal – we don’t name our other goals so laanie right? Unfortunately, it’s also one that most of us struggle with. The secret might actually be in the name – a New Year.
One, it’s NEW. Who doesn’t like a new toy, gadget or pair of jeans! It’s fun, fresh and generally just a lot more interesting than our old stuff. But, like all things new, it gets old. We get comfortable with the new thing, and it just becomes a thing.
Far less exciting and interesting.

Secondly, it’s a YEAR. As 2020 has shown us, who can plan for a year!? Most of us live a pretty month-to-month type of life, meaning that when we set this year-long goal it’s just not something that fits in with our lifestyle.

Most New Year’s Resolutions fall by the wayside a few months in, which shouldn’t really surprise anyone. Again, a year is a long time. But what if we called it “January’s Resolution”? And then a new one called something like “February’s Resolution”?

Now, it's only around 30 days – four to five weeks. That’s more manageable. Suddenly, your New Year’s Resolution becomes something that you can see yourself obtaining because it’s more relatable. The names aren’t so great, but we can work on that, right?

Why do it at all?

Simple: goals are good. 2020 has been a sucker punch to many things, but most importantly mental health. Setting and achieving goals can do wonders for your mental health, even from the simple dopamine release you get from achieving something you set out.

Long-term mental health well-being is something that more and more of us are becoming aware of, and perhaps a January Resolution is the first step on that path.
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