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Have new year’s resolutions changed since before lockdown?

Health • by Natasha Butler • 24 November 2021

New year’s resolutions are fun, right? Because we have a chance to wipe the slate clean and reinvent ourselves. Leave all those forgotten and unmet goals in the past and start anew. 

COVID-19 has changed us and how we view our world. Therefore, we may be more inclined to set aside the frivolous and opt for more meaningful aspirations. 

Here’s how the pandemic has changed how we view new year’s resolutions: 

Getting into health and fitness

Healthy eating and working out to lose weight may take a shift from just looking good to better physical health for a strong, healthy body to fight off sickness and disease.

Starting your own business

The pandemic has taught us that nothing is guaranteed, especially earning a salary. In the past, starting a business would have been a vague thought and dream to achieve “some day” but the pandemic has urged us that “some day” is “now”.

Being more charitable

We’ve seen many going through difficult times. This has opened our eyes to the importance of showing kindness towards others. Help out a family member or friend, uplift a community, volunteer or choose a cause to support. 

Being more savvy with your money

Budgeting with intent will take a more serious turn. Frivolous expenses may be replaced with saving for a rainy day, and being proactive in investing financially for a more secure future.

Taking care of yourself and your mental health

We’ve come to realise that the only way to deal with the stresses of the pandemic is to take care of ourselves first, like getting enough sleep, taking time out to do something we love, meditating, practising gratitude, and seeking help when we need it.

Building better relationships

COVID-19 has shown us how fragile life can be. And this has urged us to spend more quality time with the people we love and who make us happy. And also to say “no” to toxic relationships and avoid those who drain us.

Getting medical cover

Living in a COVID-19 world has highlighted the importance of medical cover. So get ready for the year ahead by getting your affairs in order. Because having medical cover will give you peace of mind in knowing that you and your family will be provided for in the event of health issues cropping up, and save you from having to deal with unmanageable expenses. 

You’ll be able to visit the doctor when you need to, have access to hospitals, and preventative benefits to help you stave off sickness and disease. 

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