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Government Gears Up to Fight COVID-19

Health • 07 April 2020
The South African Government has waged war against COVID-19 after President Cyril Ramaphosa recently announced a plan to send 10 000 field workers to people’s homes for COVID-19 screening.

What is home screening?

In order to fight COVID-19, field workers will go from door to door to assess and screen your risk of having the virus. They will test your temperature and ask you questions relating to your movements to assess whether you could potentially have the virus. If you’re at risk, they’ll then refer you to your local clinic or a mobile testing facility for testing.

How the test is conducted

There are two different ways to test for COVID-19:

1 Nasal swab:

The health practitioner will seat the patient on a chair and then tilt their head backwards to open the patient’s nose and throat. The health practitioner will then insert a nasal swab into the patient’s nostrils to the back of the nose to get a specimen which is then removed slowly. They will then place the specimen in a jar and send it for testing.

2 Throat swab:

For this test, the patient will also be seated with their head tilted slightly backwards. They will then be asked to open their mouth. Thereafter the health practitioner will use a similar swab to gently take a specimen from the tonsils and back of the throat. The specimen will also be sent for testing.

Will the field workers identify themselves?

Yes, the field workers will need to identify themselves with badges. They’ll also be wearing identifiable clothing and safety gear. Also, they’ll be accompanied by the South African Police Services (SAPS).

Where can I find a mobile testing facility?

Please check back for updates on a testing facility in your vicinity.

[Updated: 7 April]


Click here for more facilities in your area.

Western Cape

Cape Town Metro sub-districts

Rural districts

Click here for more info.



If you show any COVID-19 symptoms, please follow the Government’s advice and self-quarantine immediately to limit the spread of infection.

This means that you must limit your contact with other people as much as possible.

Click here for the Government’s guidelines.

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