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7 hacks to banish back pain

Health • 08 May 2017

Do you find yourself making “argh’ and “ooh’ noises when getting out of bed or the car? Yes? Then you might be suffering from lower back pain.

Having to deal with constant lower back pain can negatively impact your personal and professional life. Simple things like picking up something you’ve dropped or sitting for long periods while working can become excruciatingly painful.

It’s important to know the different causes of lower back pain to be able to know what to change and improve.

Here are a few:

If you’re experiencing severe pain, apply these easy life hacks for lower back pain relief. Please note that if the pain continues or worsens, consult your general practitioner (GP) immediately.

1. Train the pain away

Provided that you’ve received permission from your doctor, you’ll find that exercise may relieve your back pain. Strengthening your leg, stomach and back muscles, and especially your core muscles, will take the strain off your lower back. Lower back pain exercises will also target the problem areas, making your back muscles stronger and more flexible. A small amount of activity reduces inflammation and muscle tension, keeping your body flexible. 

2. Reach for the starts and stretch it out

If you suffer from back pain, then you know how satisfying a quick stretch can be. Stretching allows tense muscles and knots to relax. Stretching keeps your muscles moving, allowing it to loosen up.

Back stretching can be done during your lunch break or even at your desk. Simply stretch your arms out above you then slowly reach down to your toes, all the while taking in deep breaths.

3. Posture, posture, posture!

The modern world is wreaking havoc on people’s posture. Constantly checking mobile phones and sitting in front of a computer causes all of us to slump and slouch over. This, of course, puts a strain on your back muscles.

Be mindful of how you sit, stand and even breathe. When sitting in your office chair, try to sit upright with your eyes looking straight ahead. It helps to put your computer’s monitor on a stack of books if the screen is too low. Limit your cellphone usage during the day and try to bring the phone up instead of looking down. Finally, breathe from your stomach rather than your chest. This allows you to sit or stand up straight and also exercises your stomach muscles.

4. Lift with your legs

Knowing how to properly lift heavy objects can save you a lot of pain. When you lift, don’t bend over but rather bend at the knees and squat if you must. When picking up the object, bring it as close to your body as possible while keeping your stomach muscles active. Use your legs and knees to lift the object.

5. Choose the perfect chair

If you work in front of a computer for long periods of time, then you need to find a chair with complete support for your back. Insist on a comfortable office chair with lumbar support and adjustable height and backrest functionality.

6. Check your stress levels

Stress can be a massive contributor to chronic lower back pain. Take a careful look at your routines, what causes your stress and how you can better manage it. If you continue to struggle with managing stress, seek advice or help from support groups, your GP or a counsellor.

7. Use a heating pad

A heating pad works wonders for lower back pain relief. When you first feel the pain setting in, get a warm water bottle or heating pad and leave it on the problem area for about 20 minutes.

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