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5 Tips to Motivate Yourself to Exercise Regularly

Lifestyle & Fitness • 08 May 2017

Whilst diet is the most important thing you can do to improve your health, exercise and being fit is essential to your mental and physical health and wellbeing. Just twenty minutes of vigorous activity a day is recommended for adults to keep fit.

But sometimes, even those twenty minutes feel like an uphill battle.

 Here are some tips to get you off that couch!

- Join a team

Joining in on team sports is great for motivation! Once you’re part of a team and involved in competitions, you will forget you’re even exercising as it becomes fun that tiresome. You may even make a new friend or two in the process. Great team sports to get involved in are soccer, hockey, netball, water polo, boxing and cycling.

- Workout With A Friend

If you find running or going to the gym boring, take a friend with you. Not only will you hold yourself accountable as it’s harder to back out on something you’ve both agreed on, but having a friend to laugh and joke with will make time go faster. You’ll both be fighting fit before you know it!

- Track Your Progress

Keep a journal of your time, weight and fitness levels. A good thing to keep track of is how far you can run in thirty minutes. Once you start seeing improvements, it will motivate you to better your time - and get you out of bed!

- Make it enjoyable

Many people find the repetition of exercise boring. If you battle to keep entertained whilst working out or running, consider downloading some of your favourite music or interesting podcasts to listen to on your phone while you sweat it out. Not only will you burn some calories, but you may just learn something new!

- Reward Yourself

Setting goals is an important motivation to exercise. Entering and completing a race, reaching your goal weight or simply being able to run for thirty minutes straight without stopping, are all great goals to work towards. Once you have achieved these goals, reward yourself with something you’ve been craving - whether it be a slice of cheesy pizza or a new pair of jeans. But remember - the greatest reward will be how good you look in your skin and how great you feel about yourself!

Tracey Mallett explains how setting short-term-goals is essential in getting you motivated to workout:


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