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5 Tips to Keep Being the Best Dad Alive

Health • by Paul De Beyer • 06 May 2022

It’s an age-old scene: kids fighting on the playground comparing which dad is
‘tougherer’ than the others.Truth is, all dads and father figures are human and need to have their ‘car parts’ checked and/or replaced ever so often. 

While we all believe our dads might be the biggest, strongest, bestest guys around, there are also ways we can help them stay fit and healthy as they get older. While Father’s Day is about celebrating the father figures in the world, here are five ways you can help your dad stay healthy this year. 

Obesity is one of the biggest issues the world over, and it’s extremely prevalent in older men. Currently, over 30% of all men in South Africa are clinically obese, and this is a trend that has been steadily increasing over the last two decades.

A main factor influencing obesity levels is diet and lack of exercise. Most of us live fairly sedentary lives, meaning that we sit at our desks for too long, not moving enough.

The best present you could give your dad this Father’s Day is skipping the sweet treats and encourage him to get moving more. Perhaps buying him a new pair of walking shoes to motivate him to go for a daily walk.

This one might surprise you, but getting a proper night’s rest is fairly hard to come by! Most of us don’t sleep enough, and letting your dad sleep in on Father’s Day might be one of the best, and most healthy, presents you could give him.

Poor sleep or a general lack of sleep has been linked to many dangerous diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks or stroke, depression, anxiety, and obesity. Start off by letting him sleep in, but also help by encouraging him to get to bed earlier and get a full seven to eight hours of sleep per night.

It might seem like a small thing, but getting good, regular sleep can make a world of difference to your life and happiness.

While it might not be the most glamorous present you could get your dad, a visit to the GP might be the best one you could give him. Hypertension, heart disease and diabetes are three of the main causes of death in men around the world (they aren’t called the silent killers for nothing), and all of them can be caught early.

GetSavvi Health’s FeelBetterFast benefit offers annual ‘HealthCheck’ tests that include five biometric assessments: blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, body mass index and smoking status, and comes with a health report and lifestyle advice.

If it’s been a while since your father got a full check-up, encourage him to get a quick check of his glucose levels, heart rate and blood pressure. If your dad is a GetSavvi Health member, it’s even easier! Simply take advantage of our FeelBetterFast benefit and pop into any one of our participating pharmacies around the country.

Ok, we’re not trying to play Cupid here. And this doesn’t only apply to your dad going out with your mom or his girlfriend! Friendships are an integral part of a healthy life, but many of our parents struggle to maintain friendships outside of the workplace.

These types of friendships aren’t only essential but help maintain a sense of who you are. Our fathers are usually inundated by a wealth of responsibilities and pressures, leaving them with no time to unwind and de-stress with their friends.

Get hold of his friends and help set up a day out or going for a meal, giving them all some quality time to relax and enjoy one another’s company. 

Generally, father figures come from a different time, where they would be the main provider. They would always be expected to be strong, a pillar of strength for their families. This means that they would rather bottle things up and never talk about issues that may be affecting them. 

Provide them with a safe space where they can open up and talk, and trust modern medicine and other wellness programmes to help them cope with past traumas. It’s better than dealing with liver issues and hypertension after years of denial. Just direct them to our blog where we explain holisitic health where everything is connected, and how sustaining bad habits now could lead to future health calamities. 



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